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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You mean I actually came here to study?

I can't believe just two days ago I THOUGHT I was bored.  When I say bored, I don't mean like please God give me something today, but more like I was missing having work or homework or something to occupy my time. Can I go back to that please?  Classes started yesterday.  All of the classes offered at FUA are two and a half hours long but only once a week, except for Italian.  Italian is an hour and a half, twice a week.  Yesterday I had my History of Christianity class at 3 o'clock. The British nun who teaches the class is super cute and sweet, and yet I was ready to fall asleep by 4:30. I cannot focus in a class for two and a half hours! It is a very long time to listen to a soft voice with a British accent.  After making it through my Christianity class, I moved onto my very first Italian class.  My professor seems great and I hope she is up for the challenge of teaching me the entire Italian language in three and a half months.  After a semi-full day of class, I was exhausted and went to bed early, I am such a party animal I know. I expected today to be a nice relaxing day...only one class, didn't have to show up at school until 3 and two and  a half hours later I would be free.  I even found peanut butter gelato (it was amazing to say the least) before class, leading me to walk very confidently into my International Terrorism class. My confidence was quickly shot down.  Before class even started, I turned to Elizabeth and told her that our Professor was going to be tough.  Just the way she walked across the room and the way she held her shoulders was intimidating.  Needless to say, I took over 8 pages of notes today.  The information was interesting, but as I have never been great at any political science I have ever taken (bad choice for a major then, I know) I know I am screwed. I came into this program thinking that all the classes here would be an easy A. Boy was I wrong.  Thank you all USD students who said that the classes abroad are beyond easy. I am just praying that my Ethics of Globalization class tomorrow will be less work than Terrorism.  Even though the classes are tough so far, I love it here.  I love cooking pasta (real handmade pasta) in our little Italian kitchen.  I love getting gelato between classes. Until tomorrow...

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